Age of Crowns

Age of Crowns will be released by Moody Publishing on April 3, 2018. It is available for preorder now!

What are you chasing?

Whether it’s a sense of purpose, recognition, a beautiful home, or even romance, we’re all pursuing something. In fact, we wear ourselves out pursuing “somethings.” Could it be that we’re bombarded by emptiness because we overestimate this earthly life and underestimate life with Christ—both now and in the Age to Come.

Scripture describes the Age to Come as an extravagant kingdom ruled by a good and powerful King who leads His people on grand adventures. This is a bold claim, but the Bible goes further still, telling us that this astonishing kingdom is breaking into our lives here and now. In Age of Crowns, Kori de Leon takes you on an unforgettable tour of the kingdom of God. Through each chapter’s powerful study questions your eyes will be opened and your heart changed as you encounter the extraordinary reality of the Age to Come.

Table of Contents: Longing for the Age to Come | Powerful Pictures of the Age to Come | The Supreme Adventure of Life | Taking the Adventure | A King Worth Living For | A Queen Is Born | A Down-to-Earth Woman | The New Dynasty | A Moral Universe Reformed | Loyalists Crowned | Walking through the City of God | Courage, Dear Heart

One of the greatest struggles for women is understanding our identity and purpose in life. And even women who have discovered their identity and purpose in Christ, may find themselves having to revisit these things as they transition into new seasons of our lives such as young adulthood, singleness, motherhood, midlife, empty nest, retirement, and more.

Adoring Christ: Beholding God's Beauty and Becoming Like Him bypasses all secondary identity and purpose statements and focuses on the most fundamental reason for our existence; namely, to be a woman made in the image of God. This book will lead you to find great joy and purpose in God's stunning design for you that can be lived out in every season of life.

Table of Contents: Becoming Women in Wonder of God | Becoming at Rest in Loveliness | Becoming Defined by Dignity | Becoming Beautiful Reflections | Becoming Romantically Involved | Becoming Glorious Ruins | Becoming Silenced by Supremacy | Becoming Alive to Beauty | Becoming Bright Like the Son | Becoming Spiritually Energized |  Becoming Splendorous through Suffering | Becoming Heavenly

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